RadioDJ v2 Songs Keep Repeating [Solved]

Every since version 2.0 and above RadioDJ has had a problem with songs repeating when they load into the Queue/Playlist. Sometimes the songs would load back to back and even 2 to 4 at the same time!
As awesome as this free software is, this was starting go bad real fast. Two days agao, I finally found a solution!

I found this solution for v2.0.2.0 but this works for any version 2 and above:

( Running v2.0.2.0 on Win7 64bit 16GB )

I saw that the queuelist table was missing 4 rows

When I manually added them and put them in the order in the image, everything started working great.
[I have 4 installs and noticed one had only 8 lines in the queuelist table and other 3 had 12 lines in the queuelist table]

In this image you will see the 12 lines. Just add the 4 missing rows in the order they are here and give that a try.

*** Backup Your Database Before Trying This ***

Missing Rows:
ETA, duration, title, album – use the values and settings in the image.


RadioDJ v2 Repeating Songs














Hope this helps! 😉 😉 😉